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Operational Services

Due to the specific needs of our business partners and thanks to their support, SIMA Group has developed an area of ​​operational services responsible for implementing the preventive techniques which for many years has characterized our company. 

In this area, we have our own ambulances and fire trucks, which allows us to provide a fast, efficient, professional and assigned service. 

We are the only company in our industry which has medical and paramedical personnel and professionals in firefighting. 

SIMA Group offers our customers this service mainly taking our field of work within the TV industry, film and automobiles. 

Within this department we offer: 

  • Medical and firefighting for different events. 
  • Medical and fire fighting services for TV and movie filming. 
  • Sale and rent of emergency units 


  • We provide medical and firefighting assistance for sporting, social, diplomatic and generally any event that requires prevention and emergency response services. 


  • We offer medical and firefighting aids for recording TV shows, movies, documentaries and commercials which require specific environments or special equipment for prevention and emergency response


Thanks to our international business relations in training, support, technology and equipment exchange, SIMA has established with companies in the U.S. and France and Spain is that we can offer the Mexican market both new and used emergency units of excellent production.

We have: 

  • Type II ambulances new and used 
  • Type III ambulances new and used 
  • Pumps with capacities greater than 3 ½ Mtrs.  
  • Minipumps 
  • Rescue Units 

We offer these units for sale, credit or cash, or as monthly rent, ask for the available equipment we have and the options to buy or rent.